The real essence of what I’m trying to create in my paintings is trying to interpret what I see and paint my emotional responses to that. It’s more than just getting the right colours and tone. It’s the light that inspires me.’’

We invite you to join a Warwick Fuller Plein Air Workshop Gold Coast Queensland.  Warwick has painted the Australian landscape for almost forty years. During this time he has gained not only a unique intimacy with his subject matter and an unforgettable personal style, but international renown, countless awards and accolades, and a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost landscape painters.

Warwick produces truly monumental works, the drama of the original scene is transmuted skillfully into a celebration of the sublime in nature and our smallness before it, something all too often forgotten in our technological age.  The energy and unhesitating confidence of each brushstroke is something truly remarkable –and rare – to behold.  He allows nature to unfurl in an ecstasy of colour.


He halts the passing of time and immortalises the unrepeatable occurrence of light. Nature’s grandeur is merged with humanity by the touch of the artist’s hand and, as such, his artworks become more than mimicry; it is a paean to the feelings that witnessing such a scene produces first in him, and then in his audience.