Szczepan Urbanowicz

Szczepan Urbanowicz


Szczepan's 2 day workshops are jam-packed watercolour painting that seek to immerse you in the watercoloour medium by:

* teaching you the fundamentals behind the papers, paints and brushes

*getting you straight into painting in single monochromatic and multi-colour exercises

*teaching you the fundamentals of how we use "time" and "gravity" alongside pigment loading and saturation

* teaching and using some basic watercolour techniques (graduated washed, dry brush, wet on wet, etc) and experimentation with a broad range of brush techniques

* a "holistic", "total picture" approach to painting and using techniques and "strategy" to simplify our subject matter

*exploring ideas around colour, value and transparency

* learning about "leaving the white", about the importance of focal points for composition and their relevance to colour contrasts.........